Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

Nice blue sky and temps in the mid 50's F.

With a blue sky and warm temps...
yard work is done.
The remains of a heavyhanded pruning job,
6 rose bushes gone and others barely survive....

Ah... that looks so much better now.
The run to the swingset won't be quite so painful.
Knitting: almost done w/the scarf for my Prayer Partner at church. She graduates this week and so hope to drop it off to the church on our way out of town tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is Graduation Sunday.

Received an owl from Duluth Minn. and it brought me a tiny Hufflepuff sock, yarn and some awesome point protectors. Will post pix later this week.

Haven't been blogging much due to my work schedule. Tuesday and Wednesday worked 7 am to 3 pm. Thursday 7 am to 5 pm and then Friday was 7 am to 2 pm. Also we have had a lot of rain lately so the satellite connection was slow- DH took the laptop to work w/him a few nights to encourage me to go to bed at a decent time.

Today was a busy day... got up at 8 am then by 10 am Bumpkins and I were out the door for a knitting Ravlery meetup. There were 5 of us today. Then off to the library for movies and books on tape. Home again and then off to a Fun Fest down the road at the Lutheran Church. A lot of pressure to enroll Bumpkin's in their Preschool program next fall. And then make DH lunch for work tonight- DH left early because he had a gig for a video recording of a dance recital. Bumpkins and I stayed outside until 5 pm working on the rose bushes. Inside for dinner and cleaning out of the fridge. Still have to pack and put away laundry. Oops can't forget to muck out the car for the early morning start to Anchorage. Just swapped out batts on the camera, have the phone charging, laptop case is ready to go. Need toys, food and clothes now.

ETA: there is some moose fur in the brambles. Anyone want some different kind of fiber?


Jane said...

Moose fur? I think you should spin it up! Your Saturday sky looks a lot better than our Saturday sky looked - but of course we need the rain - that's what they say (sigh)

Lynn said...

GREAT sky!!!! and now you have a direct run to the swings!! LOL