Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Quotes and Random Website

We secure our friends not by accepting favors,
But by doing them.
The above is the Reducio Sock Swap gift that I
received from.... Penelope Pinkwater over in Ravelry.

Knitting: finished up the scarf (will post pix this week). Nothing else has really been worked on.
Sewing: nothing. Did take out a pre-cut square so I can sew that together for my Round Robin Swap.

This weekend has been a little busy. I have started this post 3 times and now hope to finish it. Early Sunday morning DH, Bumpkins and I drove up to the Matsu Valley for a wedding. I drove as DH had had a busy last 24 hrs. (He videotaped a dance recital than went to work until 6 am). The Valley is a beautiful place, trees were already leafing out and it was alot warmer than here. We returned to Anchorage to stay w/Princess at her new condo (much nicer/ safer location then her last place). This morning found us heading out after a stop at Title Wave Books (very big bookstore, to big actually. The place was HUGE! And the knitting section was aprox 20 shelves full. Mind boggling to say the least.) Then another first for me was lunch at Popeye's- don't think that I will be eating there again. Food was okay- fried catfish and red beans and rice. Oh on Sunday Bumpkins got to see a train in action- that was way cool. We drove past it 2X's. Drove home this afternoon and after doing some laundry went grocery shopping.

Dinner: while at Princess' she convinced me to cook a dinner... so we made Manicotti. It turned out okay. Forgot to add the shredded mozzarella/ Parmesan cheese to the ricotta and spinach mixture and overcooked the shells.

Random website: Schnuffel Bunny (a YouTube video that is sung in German.. just too cute for words.) Thank you Princess.

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