Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Quotes

"The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother
- and they'll settle for a puppy every time."
~Winston Pendelton

Knitting: nothing new just working on a twitterpated purse lining. Hope to have that sewed in tonight and start the strap.

Sewing nothing new. Should make myself some new jammie bottoms.

Hugo was one sick pup last night. He ate a mushroom. After throwing up, he drooled most of the night. Seems to be doing better today, still has diarrhea though. And he has lost a lot of weight. Was unable identify the mushroom, hopefully on Tuesday I will be able to take one like it in and find out what kind it is.

Our computer plugin cable is toasted. Just bumping it will cause it to come unplugged and instantly the computer will turn off. Not to bad, until you are in the middle of a post and all is lost. And anyone uploading pictures using satellite or dial up knows how long that can take.

Please keep the folks in Gustav's path in your prayers. Just wondering after this storm if there will be some cheap waterfront property for sale.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alaska Scenery

The little white spots are
Beluga Whales that
Bumpkins and I saw on our way back
from Anchorage Wednesday night.
Knitting: nothing really finished yet....

Had to go to Anchorage last week for a CPO class. (Certified Pool/Spa Operators Class) Very hard. Lots of math formulas and learning how and what chemicals to mix to make your water better. Thankfully this is another of those National Certs- I can go anywhere w/this one.

Surprising things happening here in Alaska. Governor Sarah Palin is now McCain's running mate. Will be interesting to see what comes about in the next couple of months.

Haven't been posting lately, kind of tired- exhausted. after going to Anchorage on Monday and Coming back on Wednesday night (late!) took Thursday off and just vegged. Had to work today and next week (yuck! shut down starts) Should be interesting as we are down 2 workers and have about 10 days to get everything done. Not sure what is all being done except that I get the privilege of scrubbing toilets (takes on the average an hour to do each toilet!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

How warmly do you dress your child
On Memorial Day?
(mittens, hat, warm coat, knit leggings
and everyone was sitting under blankets)

Today at work, 2 of my swim lesson kids "got it". They have gone from being absolutely terrified that if I let go of them while swimming the would drown to floating on their backs w/kickboards and one is actually doggie paddling around the pool. That has made my whole summer worthwhile.

Strange Stuff: I wonder if this will keep the moose from eating my apple trees this winter. Tree Cozy.

Hugo was 7 weeks old on 8/8/8. So that makes him almost 9 weeks today.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Website Monday

yet another quilt from the quilt show.

Knitting: Nope nothing...
Was scheduled to have training today Life guard Olympics. But that got canceled- thankfully as I have yet another sinus infection. This is the last week for swim lessons. And i couldn't be more happier.

Random website: A very funny kitty video clip. (plays for just over 2 min long)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Quotes

A weed is but an unloved flower.
~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Flowers from Bumpkins,
Clover smells wonderful!

Knitting: Done knitting Twitterpated and just need to line it. Also have 1 cable done on Princess' gift. Will try to get that done ASAP for 2 reasons to give it to her before winter sets in and to see what modifications are needed for Kazul's.

To busy watching the Olympics to do any sewing, actually between work, watching the Olympics and the new puppy there is no time to sew.

Hugo is doing well. Coworkers assure me that he will get huge, maybe not ginormous.

Had to scramble today to get the laundry off of the dog run as it was starting to rain.

Not to much to say around here except that I must not be getting enough sleep as I am constantly tired. Hugo slept for 5 hrs last night, that is way better than Thursday where he woke up every 2 hours. And then on Friday I had to work 7.5 hrs. Saturday DH had a gig for the mud run, Thing 2 had a football game (Kenai won!) Bumpkins, Hugo and I went out to visit Nana. She had a tooth pulled on Friday, we were checking up on her.

Weather today was sunny and warm.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome Hugo!

This is Hugo,
he is just a wee pup.Combination Black Lab and golden retriever

run run!

Bumpkins did come up w/this name.
Lily was not used because
the puppy isn't pink.

Now to see how well Athena adjusts to him.
for Hugo's credit he has yet to chase the cat.
(very odd when a dog doesn't chase a cat)
The cat sniffed him and then ran off.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Random Website Monday

Kool Aid dyed yarn hanging on the dog run.

attempting to hank the Kool Aid dyed yarn
The Kool Aid dyed yarn in a hank.
(kazul please help name it.)
2 package of Cherry (makes a deep red!)
2 packages of blue raspberry lemonade (makes a cotton candy blue)
1 package of watermelon cherry (makes for a dark pink/light red)

Knitting: still not very far on Princess's present.

My back is so much better today. So today was spent playing catch up on laundry and other things that have been slacked off on because of my back. Was able to hang up most of the laundry outside to dry today because of the hot temps. 63 F. After Dr. this am and then running Thing 2 to Football at 3:30 really didn't do much else. (besides Kool Aid dyeing yarn).

I am tired so off to bed I go.....

Random website: go here for Olympic coverage.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday yard

The 1.5 qts of strawberries we picked
from our yard.
Paw Cozy
For the Ravelympics.

Close up of the cables.
First time doing cables
Cast on August 8 during opening Olympic ceremonies 6:30 pm Alaska time GMT -8
Finished 8:30 pm August 9.
used US 7 and US 8 dpns
Used worsted weight Stash Acrylic
Made it shorter than called for as DM's retractable leash is the itty bitty size. Also did a 3 needle bind off instead of the button flap for more cold protection. (hoping the little hole left in the tip is big enough for the leash to go through). Had a lot of trouble keeping stitches on the needles as they kept falling off.

Thing 2 lost the game score was 8 to 6. Hard game w/refs preferring the other team over Kenai.

Not much blogging as I have been watching the Olympics and trying to recover from having a sore back.

ETA: Thing 2 graduated from High School! We got a graduation announcement in the mail- he looks good in his cap and gown. What an accomplishment that was.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life W/ a Male Teen

This is Thing 2....
He is a Junior in High School this year.
I will attempt to blog our thoughts, challenges
achievements and changes here for this school year.

Hmm.. a week in review
that is challenging.

Sunday night I washed Thing 2's laundry and in the first load was
a really nice shirt and slacks.
My words to him "I suggest that you go hang these clothes up so they don't wrinkle".
He didn't do it,
his logic and words were "you didn't tell me that I had to hang them up now".
This kid is almost an adult, and still has to be told what to do?

Thing 2 is 17 and desperately wants his drivers license and a car.
So Tuesday afternoon upon arriving home I
noticed DH's car strangely parked between 2 sawhorses.
Thing 2 decided that learning to parallel park would be a good thing.
Uh huh... bad idea.
  1. Thing 2 didn't ask to use DH's car or keys.
  2. DH was in the shower and had no idea what was going on.
  3. DH explained that what he did was equivalent to joyriding.
  4. Thing 2 doesn't realize that what he did was wrong.
This morning started extremely early....
Football has started.
Bumpkins, Thing 2 and I were all out of the house before 5 am.
What I learned:
  1. It is now kind of dark at that hour of the morning.
  2. There is little traffic on the roads.
  3. The temp was 39F! (no that isn't a typo).
  4. Thing 2 said thanks for the ride. :)
Now he is gone to Fairbanks until late Saturday night.
hope they play well.

The temp outside is over 65 F.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

Just minutes later this baby jumped through the
fence to get to Mama.
Knitting: 1/2 way through the Twitterpated purse. Gathering supplies for the Ravelrylympics. Only in one event.

Went to work today, back is still very stiff. Oddly the deep end was the hardest area of the pool to be in.

Picked 1.5 qts of strawberries today- oh so very good! Sweet and full of water/juice. Delish. My currants don't look very good- kind of small. But the lowbush cranberries- better pick those at first frost. Lots of em and bigguns too. Not sure about the crowberries or serviceberries haven't seen any of those patches around.

Think there is going to be another post heading called Life w/Teenage Boys stay tuned for that one.

It is late and finally the sun is setting (another gorgeous sunset). Will try to take a photo tomorrow of the sunset.

Weather: sunny and warm 58 F.

dinner: French toast slathered in Maple Syrup and melted butter w/fresh strawberries on the side.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Saturday Sky

Saturday night sky 10:00 pm
Bumpkins kept asking why is the sky orange....

This is DM's sock.
Not wanting to knit w/small needles right now.

Knitting: finally cast on something new. Sure I have lots on the needles: the baby sweater, DM's sock, trying to make a granny square out of crochet. But this is something new that called to me using the big ol cone of peach acrylic. Twitterpated purse (free pattern out there on the net). It is just a 9" X12" rectangle. Should satisfy something.......

Quilting: haven't been doing that this week.

Friday at work I somehow tweaked my back and that has disabled me for a time. Getting up out of bed is interesting, somehow roll over and slide out onto my knees then get to cedar chest and hoist myself up. Getting up off of the toilet has me wanting to grab the bars that are in the handicap baths. Absolutely no bending over, reaching is minimal, sitting hurts, laying down gets to me to. Can't stand forever. Bumpkins has been really good through all of this, helping put laundry in the wash and dryer, sliding the laundry basket across the floor. Picking things up for me and not really asking to be picked up and carried. Haven't been blogging because I have been taking Flexiril's and prescription Ibuprofen's and life here is relatively boring.

Well that's all folks.
oh sad part of today was I ran over a squirrel with the mini van. Poor thing, I looked at it through the rear view mirror and its little tail was going up and down. I felt awful!