Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life W/ a Male Teen

This is Thing 2....
He is a Junior in High School this year.
I will attempt to blog our thoughts, challenges
achievements and changes here for this school year.

Hmm.. a week in review
that is challenging.

Sunday night I washed Thing 2's laundry and in the first load was
a really nice shirt and slacks.
My words to him "I suggest that you go hang these clothes up so they don't wrinkle".
He didn't do it,
his logic and words were "you didn't tell me that I had to hang them up now".
This kid is almost an adult, and still has to be told what to do?

Thing 2 is 17 and desperately wants his drivers license and a car.
So Tuesday afternoon upon arriving home I
noticed DH's car strangely parked between 2 sawhorses.
Thing 2 decided that learning to parallel park would be a good thing.
Uh huh... bad idea.
  1. Thing 2 didn't ask to use DH's car or keys.
  2. DH was in the shower and had no idea what was going on.
  3. DH explained that what he did was equivalent to joyriding.
  4. Thing 2 doesn't realize that what he did was wrong.
This morning started extremely early....
Football has started.
Bumpkins, Thing 2 and I were all out of the house before 5 am.
What I learned:
  1. It is now kind of dark at that hour of the morning.
  2. There is little traffic on the roads.
  3. The temp was 39F! (no that isn't a typo).
  4. Thing 2 said thanks for the ride. :)
Now he is gone to Fairbanks until late Saturday night.
hope they play well.

The temp outside is over 65 F.

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Lynn said...

The teenage years scare me......