Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Quotes

A weed is but an unloved flower.
~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Flowers from Bumpkins,
Clover smells wonderful!

Knitting: Done knitting Twitterpated and just need to line it. Also have 1 cable done on Princess' gift. Will try to get that done ASAP for 2 reasons to give it to her before winter sets in and to see what modifications are needed for Kazul's.

To busy watching the Olympics to do any sewing, actually between work, watching the Olympics and the new puppy there is no time to sew.

Hugo is doing well. Coworkers assure me that he will get huge, maybe not ginormous.

Had to scramble today to get the laundry off of the dog run as it was starting to rain.

Not to much to say around here except that I must not be getting enough sleep as I am constantly tired. Hugo slept for 5 hrs last night, that is way better than Thursday where he woke up every 2 hours. And then on Friday I had to work 7.5 hrs. Saturday DH had a gig for the mud run, Thing 2 had a football game (Kenai won!) Bumpkins, Hugo and I went out to visit Nana. She had a tooth pulled on Friday, we were checking up on her.

Weather today was sunny and warm.

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Lynn said...

Well its not so warm now!! You're weather pixie says its 43! And btw, you are one of the few people left with a pixie. A lot (including mine) no longer work.