Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

How warmly do you dress your child
On Memorial Day?
(mittens, hat, warm coat, knit leggings
and everyone was sitting under blankets)

Today at work, 2 of my swim lesson kids "got it". They have gone from being absolutely terrified that if I let go of them while swimming the would drown to floating on their backs w/kickboards and one is actually doggie paddling around the pool. That has made my whole summer worthwhile.

Strange Stuff: I wonder if this will keep the moose from eating my apple trees this winter. Tree Cozy.

Hugo was 7 weeks old on 8/8/8. So that makes him almost 9 weeks today.


Lisa W. said...

i ran thru a quick update of your posts...hugo is adorable! thing 2 is handsome and i totally understand having the female version of the high school junior (who does drive..bleah!) glad you had a good summer...i'm ready for fall and clear skies!

Lynn said...

On Mem Day we are in beach attire, inside with the a/c on! As far as all the tree knitting, I think the moose would just chew thru the yarn! They'd think you added a flavor! LOL

Fiber Chic said...

How did I miss the cute puppy pictures?! He must be terrific!