Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday yard

The 1.5 qts of strawberries we picked
from our yard.
Paw Cozy
For the Ravelympics.

Close up of the cables.
First time doing cables
Cast on August 8 during opening Olympic ceremonies 6:30 pm Alaska time GMT -8
Finished 8:30 pm August 9.
used US 7 and US 8 dpns
Used worsted weight Stash Acrylic
Made it shorter than called for as DM's retractable leash is the itty bitty size. Also did a 3 needle bind off instead of the button flap for more cold protection. (hoping the little hole left in the tip is big enough for the leash to go through). Had a lot of trouble keeping stitches on the needles as they kept falling off.

Thing 2 lost the game score was 8 to 6. Hard game w/refs preferring the other team over Kenai.

Not much blogging as I have been watching the Olympics and trying to recover from having a sore back.

ETA: Thing 2 graduated from High School! We got a graduation announcement in the mail- he looks good in his cap and gown. What an accomplishment that was.


Kazul said...

Thing 1 graduated! 2 is playing football!

Lynn said...

Ok congrats to thing 1!!!

and what is a paw cozy?