Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alaska Scenery

The little white spots are
Beluga Whales that
Bumpkins and I saw on our way back
from Anchorage Wednesday night.
Knitting: nothing really finished yet....

Had to go to Anchorage last week for a CPO class. (Certified Pool/Spa Operators Class) Very hard. Lots of math formulas and learning how and what chemicals to mix to make your water better. Thankfully this is another of those National Certs- I can go anywhere w/this one.

Surprising things happening here in Alaska. Governor Sarah Palin is now McCain's running mate. Will be interesting to see what comes about in the next couple of months.

Haven't been posting lately, kind of tired- exhausted. after going to Anchorage on Monday and Coming back on Wednesday night (late!) took Thursday off and just vegged. Had to work today and next week (yuck! shut down starts) Should be interesting as we are down 2 workers and have about 10 days to get everything done. Not sure what is all being done except that I get the privilege of scrubbing toilets (takes on the average an hour to do each toilet!)


Lynn said...

Ok that would be COOL to see whales out in the water like that!!!

the boogeyman's wife said...

turnagain arm is so beautiful - although i haven't see whales there yet! i was surprised by palin's nomination too.

Kazul said...

I am so disgusted that I have never seen those whales..and on the coast, I didn't see any there either. Now, I am inland and better NOT see any here!