Monday, August 11, 2008

Random Website Monday

Kool Aid dyed yarn hanging on the dog run.

attempting to hank the Kool Aid dyed yarn
The Kool Aid dyed yarn in a hank.
(kazul please help name it.)
2 package of Cherry (makes a deep red!)
2 packages of blue raspberry lemonade (makes a cotton candy blue)
1 package of watermelon cherry (makes for a dark pink/light red)

Knitting: still not very far on Princess's present.

My back is so much better today. So today was spent playing catch up on laundry and other things that have been slacked off on because of my back. Was able to hang up most of the laundry outside to dry today because of the hot temps. 63 F. After Dr. this am and then running Thing 2 to Football at 3:30 really didn't do much else. (besides Kool Aid dyeing yarn).

I am tired so off to bed I go.....

Random website: go here for Olympic coverage.


Kazul said... looks like something you would find in Hogsmeade. You know, the candy shop. Or maybe in the chocolate factory. strawberries and blueberries. Strueberry Stripes?

Lynn said...

Yes with those *warm* temps, I can see how you can hang stuff up! P~~~

BTW the link isn't working...

Jane said...

Very pretty yarn - I'm going to have to write that formula down.