Monday, November 12, 2007

Random Website Monday

Knitting: Finished the Sarah Blanche Scarf-wove in all ends, found the 2 dropped stitches (surprising that there were only 2 of them what w/losing needles and what not). DH helped block it. Also finished a drawstring pouch- only 4 more to make. CO on for DM's socks and messed up the ribbing so I frogged it. After casting on again w/bigger needles, Bumpkins frogged it.

Kazul sold her house. She now needs to find one in the Pendleton area (Hopefully really soon- would be nice for her to have a new place fo for Christmas).

Princess is back from a debate meet at George Fox University in Newburg, Oregon. She said that she did pretty good- broke into semi finals. That is awesome!

Today was spent doing laundry, lots of it. Thing Two was asked twice yesterday to bring his laundry downstairs. Well he didn't do it until 9:30 and I don't do laundry that late! So today I did 3 loads of his stuff and then started on DH, Bumpkins and mine. Thing Two comes home from school and asks can you do laundry for me tonight. ARGGG! Another load. So now I am 2 loads shy of being done- which won't happen tonight. I am tired, and still have to fold the load in the dryer and have one more in the washer. On the other hand- the bread that I baked in the bread machine last night rose and wonder of wonders Thing Two liked it.

And now for my Thanksgiving Day dinner Menu:
Turkey, Mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, bread, green salad, green bean casserole, steamed carrots in honey and nutmeg, sweet potatoes, squash and apple bake. And for the dessert pies: apple, pumpkin and sweet potato with whipping cream. Drinks: eggnog, spiced cider, coffee, soda. We will be serving DH, myself, Thing Two, DM, Princess, Bumpkins and whomever Princess drags home. Now what did I forget? Princess you will be the only one the brussel sprouts.

Random Website: This is an excellent way to get through the holidays, moving, or even just cleaning your house. I LOVE HER! She has helped me soooo very much! I bring you FlyLady! Seriously give her a chance to help you- however little you do it will make a HUGE difference!


Fiber Chic said...

You Thanksgiving meal sounds delicious! Can I come over? Hee hee.

Lynn said...

YUM! And I agree, FlyLady rocks!!! I read her reminders every day.

Andreanalaska said...

Correction, I was at Mahaffey University in McMinnville, OR, about 20 min South of Newburg. 3 of our 5 teams made it to sems, one breaking to finals and then winning. Yay University of Alaska, Anchorage.