Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have now joined the knitter ranks!

Knitting: Cast on for Secret Sisters scarf this morning found an awesome pattern over on (ravelry) gasp! Also did several rows on the new drawstring pouch. And now to explain this posts heading. A coworker saw me knitting during break, and said "I would so love a pair of long, soft, squishie, warm socks." I umm say "Do you want me to make you a pair?" The answer was yes! So I turned her loose on Raverlry and she found a pair that she wants me to make. Can you say easy? Think I will bring in some Lion's brand lambs wool for her to see if she likes that yarn, then find out how much will be needed and then let her go get the yarn for me to knit it up. Also a lady a church gave me several skeins of acrylic yarn (red heart) including the camo that I have been looking for.

Another long day at work. Did get trained to be supervisor next week. Got out of work late- the boys were sloooow cleaning tonight. Also I don't like winter. Not only are the roads slick, but the grit to make sidewalks less icy- is nasty to clean up. We are mopping the floors at work 3 times a day, the locker rooms have to be hosed 2X's a day. And that stuff gets EVERYWHERE!

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