Monday, November 5, 2007

I is for....

Illness: I seem to be getting better finally! This last one was a sinus infection. The reason I am getting sick so much this year is because of my job. I am in the water so much w/no week of down time to recover. And little kids spit in my face all of the time!

Irritating: This is the most recent loaf of bread out of my bread machine, note the size (coffeepot behind is a 12 cup). The bread didn't rise. Also irritating is that somehow e-mails are going to my yahoo box instead of gmail. And that there were over 2k e-mails in my yahoo all on one day. (somehow my file got corrupted.) And phone calls that come in right at the start of nap- so the naptime is delayed than not done at all.

But Athena and Bumpkins like the bread.

Imagination: This will be turned into an herbal garden within 2 yrs.

Knitting: found some really cool patterns in ravelry (frogged one already). Also have decided to just start the socks for DM and will just make some basic socks w/no real pattern. Using sockotta yarn which is a fingerling. Have also started a quilt square for DH, I will have to make another one for my secret sister at church. But need some applique backing (you know the stuff that is sticky on one side and you peel the backing off of).

Random website:
I have never known someone that had a showcase home before. So here is Kazul's house- her house is selling for more than we paid for this one!


Fiber Chic said...

hey-it's the taste of the bread that counts, right? :)

Kazul said...

My bread turned out better! It was chocolate chip bread! Also, the house is much prettier now. At least the pix I have with the fall leaves is prettier!