Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend highlights

DM came over for Thanksgiving
dinner- we had a lot of turkey. Then
later I called Kazul because I saw that on her blog that T came home for Thanksgiving. Princess and T talked awhile. They haven't talked on the phone in a long time.
Princess, CC and I got up and went to Fred Meyer's for the 5 am opening. We then went to Jo-Anns. What a long wait that one was. We got Jo-Anns around 6:30 and didn't get out of there until 8:30. Flannel was 99 cents a yard- the cutting line was long! But I got some nice flannel for DH's quilt also got some Patton's wool for $3.00 a skein. Princess still needs to pick out her fabric for her quilt. I returned home before 10:00 after a quick stop at Gottshcalks. DH then went to Home Depot. He returned almost an hr later w/lights.

DM and I went to Kenai's craft fair where I got more Alpaca yarn. Bumpkins kept saying she wanted to see animals. (Think she was remembering the fair where all the animals and wool where).

And after a nap- we took Princess to the airport and then went to the parade.

Ok kazul- sit down. Little bitty city of Kenai has a marching band again. Actually it is a Drum line... and they braved the 35 degree w/misty rain to perform. Kind of strange seeing people in the parade wearing jeans and tennis shoes. Last year it was 10 below zero. Alaska- where people are happy for global warming. (Just kidding- kind of.)

DH went to the other end of the strip w/us and then left us. There was a worship team playing at Kings Cross (a local Christian Bookstore) and they needed DH's help. So he stayed there until Late.
Bumpinks and I went to the Fireworks. She really liked the pretty lights.

Today Bumpkin's and I
went shopping for ice cream cake, and really good steaks all for Thing Two's seventeenth birthday. We also stopped in at another craft fair- a Thousand villages. That is something that needs to be added to the Friday after Thanksgiving stops. Bumpkin's found something for Princess for Christmas- now to see if she will willing to part with it.


Andreanalaska said...

wait, u r making me a quilt, i thought i was supposed to pick out fabric for the cloak.

for a quilt i want pink breast cancer awareness

Fiber Chic said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Mine wasn't nearly as fun...

Lynn said...

You got what I was planning on getting if I went to JoAnns!! LOL I also wanted the table and the 18w Ott light (I have the 13w) but then I started thinking how I still have the flannel from 2 years ago and Im running out of room for the fabric so I stayed away. It was hard and I almost went yesterday (that 20% off your entire purchase before noon is a BIG draw for me!) I waited until it was too late to go and then I could relax. I have a HUGE table full of stuff I need to move before I can get more.