Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Strange Stuff Tuesday

Thank you all for hanging in there with me while I have no pictures. Also, I have lost some of the blogs that I read. Jopal, Tucker's mom, Quiddity, Purple is a fruit, if you have links to these or are the link please help to recover them. Also if you notice that I am not commenting on your blog, then it is more than likely that I lost that link too.

Knitting: Cast on for another drawstring pouch (man those are addicting!)

Well I am tired and hungry and Bumpkin's finally went down to sleep. Maybe I will find a way to post pictures tomorrow.

Strange Stuff Tuesday! And for all of us that will need an apron next week- how about having our kids whip this one up for us. When we are done w/dinner just throw it in the compost heap- I love the no mess idea.

Weather: Today was snowy, rainy, sleety and I did see some clear skies. Roads were Nasty! Very slick! Did I mention the wind? I was trying to convince my co-workers to do a power outage dance (no power for 20 min.- pool gets shut down!).

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