Monday, November 19, 2007

K is for ..........

Knitting: Lots of it!

This is an enjoyable scarf cast on November 16 with size US8 needles and worked with US 7 needles.

Drawstring pouches- these are so addicting! Knitted each one in a week and w/size US 6 DPNs. Stash acrylic yarn.

Edited: The bag on left was knit w/ salmon fish egg colored acrylic yarn and off white. the bag on the right was knit w/ a mauve variegated acrylic yarn from 1988. (Stash busters!).

Finished the Sara Blanche Scarf. Knitted w/US 7 needles (does it need blocking?).

Kontests: (ok so it is Contests) and there are several! First Jane's with her 300 th post. And there is Lucy's 150 posts. And another one Dandy with 500 posts ( now that is alot of blogging!) And Dandy has links to even more contests!

Random website: I sure could have used this brush last night for Athena.


Fiber Chic said...

I like the deep red and white striped bag on the right...was that a striped yarn, or did you use 3 different balls of yarn?

Andreanalaska said...

Less pictures of knitting, more pictures of kitty and sissy. Thank you.