Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday's WIP's

I saw this idea of Wednesday Wip on someone blog.. (if you know who than please let me know so I can credit them!).

The black is Bumpkin's leggings. I am up to the knee and now need to start the increases for the thigh. This is going very fast on size US 10 dpn and Jiffy mohair lion brand yarn. Should be soft and warm and indestructible. Good for a first time project.
And this is the doll baby quilt. And why is this still a WIP? Well because one seam needs to be sewn and it still needs to be tied. Maybe posting the pic of it will inspire me to finish it.

There are no pictures of the Sarah Blanche prayer scarf or the new scarf that I put on the needles on Monday. (they are in the car- and I am not going out there to get them.... it is dark out!) Just realized that there aren't any pix of the jack-a-lope slippers. Don't know where to to searching for them tonight. Can't turn a light on as the light and noise of my search will wake up Bumpkins.

Also please bear with me as I figure out blogger and posting of pics. What looks good on the preview just isn't happening when I publish.

More cleaning out at the pool (found enough money for 3 sodas- each soda cost $1.50 in the vending machine). People really liked my cake, and the new secretary is kind of nice. She told me that I taught her grandson swim lessons 2 yrs. ago- ah huh, like I am going to remember kids from that long ago. We cycle about 70 kids through lessons each summer. Not to mention the ones in the fall or spring sets. Makes for me going on vacation difficult.
The Alaska state dividend amount has been made public.... and the amount is $1654. That will be a big help. Last year we tithed one whole check to the youth pastor- and we were blessed all year.
Thing Two is no longer playing football as he is now ineligible. Bummer for him- I wonder if he still wants to play hockey.
Church tonight- we had chili w/corn bread. Yumm....

Kazul- no I won't make you a tank top (the pattern is for little girls!). Princess- you never were allowed to play w/these doll babies. (they were in the basement).


Lynn said...

I'm impressed with the leggings!! Is she looking forward to getting them?? And that doll quilt is adorable!!! You could finish it in one night if you planned for it!@!

Fiber Chic said...

I can't wait to see the leggings done!! They will certainly look cute! :)

Kazul said...

So, why did the baby get the dolls and your responsible older kid, didn't? I still have my Englepuppe (think that is what brand she is), but the boys never wanted to touch her, much less play with her.

Kazul said...
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Kazul said...

I sure wish I could manage not to leave more than one of the same comment. I really hate repeating myself like that!