Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

To be small enough to bounce on balloons......And somethings just shouldn't be done..... sitting on a ball in the crib! (She was standing on it).

Knitting: made a gauge swatch for Bumpkin's leggings. Now to start knitting them. Knitted 1 row on Bumpkin's tank top. Tomorrow will finish up the last 2 rows on the tank top. I really have to wind yarn into a ball for the Sarah Blanche Scarf. Last night I learned that I can knit and read blogs at the same time (kind of hard to scroll though).

Ran errands and went to work. Talked to Princess - she wants 5 thousand $. Yikes. Her car is not doing very well.
Am thinking of borrowing a page from Lucy's site. And doing a letter of the alphabet each week, starting tomorrow.

Now some serious stuff..... Does anyone really read the Tuesday's Strange Stuff or Monday's Random Websites? Because if not I will drop them.

Tuesday's Strange Stuff:
This is having WAY TOO much time on your hands! I even saw some inside shots! Not me- I would get too bored.

Weather: cloudy and high 50's


Lucy said...

can't wait to see your letters! :) and I click on the links and look sometimes (depends on who's screaming or quiet when I'm reading...) :)

KaKi said...

I LOVE the letter idea!! I may have to copy that idea as well. I do check the links. I just don't always comment. A lot of times when I am reading blogs, I am just reading. I have to remind myself to comment, as I LOVE it when people comment on my blog! Sorry!

Fiber Chic said...

Very cute Bumpkins pictures! Can't wait to see her finished top!

Jane said...

Bumpkin is just adorable! And your links are always fun!