Saturday, September 22, 2007

Food pictures

Bumpkin's first time licking the beaters!
And here is a picture of the delicious chocolate zucchini cake. The recipe said to frost- but w/the chocolate chips in it that is frosting enough.

Knitting: am making progress on Bumpkin's leggings (have to watch what I am doing carefully so that the other leg will be the same size!)
Sewing: trying to finish up the doll blanket. Yeah right Lynn- one evening? Try 3 days!

This week cleaning at home: main entry way swept, house vacuumed (except the bedroom suite), our bathroom cleaned (kind of). Have taken 25 lbs. of empty baby food jars to the rec dept. at work. Yesterday went through one shelf of books. Today helped DH clean out the music room and entry way. (have to make room for MORE GEAR)! Did I mention that I cleaned out my car? Now to find the checkbook.... it has to be here somewhere!

Kazul said that I wasn't explaining the pool shut down very well. So here goes. Shut down is when we spring clean or fix problems. The biggest thing for this year was to replace sand filter tanks. That entailed shutting down the circulation in the pool, draining the old sand filters, removing the old sand, cutting out the old filters, replacing the floor which they sat on (metal I-beams were rusted through) repainting the area, waiting on parts, and now this weekend will be spent putting in the new tanks with new sand. We are hoping that all goes well and that the pool chemistry is good so we aren't shut down another week. What the rest of us are doing is pure cosmetic and it will be ok if it doesn't get finished. But water circulation is a very major thing. You can't go swimming if the water isn't being circulated. Nasty things grow in stagnant water.

Well that is all folks- hope to go berry picking today. The rosehips are perfect and so are the lowbush cranberries.


Fiber Chic said...

Have fun berry picking!

Lynn said...

Well no wonder it's taking 3 days to sew up that blanket, you are in a cleaning frenzy!! Both at home AND at work! I'm sure the pool maintenance is involved since it's such a big pool and so many people visit it.
Have fun berry picking!