Monday, September 3, 2007

Random Website Monday

And this is Bumpkin's quilt- I thought that I was almost done. Until the last strip wound up being 1/2 to short. YIKES! I hate ripping out seams- esp. the ones that are hand sewed. So that is where I am on that.

Now why isn't this done? I measured it tonight and I am 4 rows from being done, except for the straps. I can't work on it tonight as it is now dark. And knitting with black at night, in a dark room. Uh huh... you get the picture. Not happening.

Labor Day sale shopping at JoAnnes. And since I am now doing swaps/exchanges with peoples who like to make washcloths (why?). I bought 3 balls of this cotton stuff. New stash pile designation: SWAP STASH. Hmmm... I like that one. "OH, but Honey that yarn isn't for me! and that is why I need MORE!!!!".
Knitting: Have started another swatch for Bumpkins leggings for the Elizabeth Zimmermann KAL. First swatch w/size 5 US dpns was a tad to small- so I have switched to 6 US. We shall see. I am using some kind of wool that will never run out! I can even make a pair leggings for myself and have plenty left over!

Haven't blogged for awhile- been playing the computer game FATE. It is kind of addicting. I only play on the laptop and with battery power. That way if my game ends than my time is up. Pretty self limiting actually.

Friday- worked 9.5 hours. To tired to do much of anything when I got home. Saturday- went grocery shopping and Labor Day sale shopping w/DH. Sunday - stayed home. Bumpkin's woke up from her nap at 4:30, crying that her ear hurt. OH NO! 4:30 on a Sunday night of Labor Day weekend- can you say ER! Well after praying and contacting a few other people (who also prayed) we gave her some Tylenol. And later when Bumpkin's was asked where her owie was, her reply was her leg (she has a skinned knee). Thank you God!

Today DH, Bumpkin, and I went out to DM's and rearranged her shed for her. I have stuff in my car to go to goodwill and the dump. DH and I drove home via the Escape Route (actual name of road- HONEST). He had never been down it. Verdict: bumpy, gravelly, and dusty. (It is about 15 or more miles of pure gravel road- at least it is now a two lane road. And if a State Trooper catches you driving on this road you can get fined, as it is a designated emergency only road.) Well, cleaning up at DM's motivated me to clean up around here. I packed up all of Bumpkin's baby clothes and afghans (to keep ones). Went through some clothes and finished my laundry. Bumpkins now has a shelf of the changing table to put some of her dolls and stuffed animals on. Yee haw!

Random website Monday: And we wonder why knitting isn't allowed in certain places.


Fiber Chic said...

Mmmm...yummy yarn!

Lynn said...

I hate ripping anything out!!!! be it sewing, knitting or stitching!!!