Monday, September 17, 2007

Random Website Monday

Bumpkins wanted Doll baby booties. So I made these w/acrylic yarn and size US 6 needles. They were a little to small- Hopefully they fit the American Girl doll baby- so they are now put up until Christmas.

So I cast on and knitted a pair w/size 10.5 US. And these are a little tight in the ankle for the 27" Gotz doll babies. (The big dolls were mine, but Bumpkins has taken over them!)

And now you can see the noticeable size difference. Same yarn- but different needle sizes.

Knitting: I was knitting a pair of leggings for Bumpkins w/Jiffy Lion Brand yarn. And wondering why w/6 US that I wasn't getting anywhere (after finding and reading label, I discovered that I was supposed to be using US10's. Big difference). So I re-cast on w/my 10 cn because, I didn't remember that I had them in DPN. And knitted straight- until I got to the point of make one in purl form (which I can't do!). So I put that project on hold, thinking that next month I will get some 10 US dpn. Well tonight I discovered my DPN's in a sewing basket- and after figuring out how to put straight onto DPN's. (Now that is another long story). I am really making progress.

Random website: Not to be morbid (though this is better than having an urn full of ashes on your dresser). But this is a very nice- EXPENSIVE- way to remember a loved one. Wish I had the 6 grand to get one for DM, Princess and Kazul. Don't think that I would spend that kind of money on a pet though. (Ok- I would if it was a million dollar race horse!).


Fiber Chic said...

Very cute booties!
What's your pattern?

Andreanalaska said...

Wait... I thought the dolls were mine