Monday, September 24, 2007

Random Website Monday

Yes there is a warning label on the can: Not to be consumed by children or people sensitive to caffeine. And the Rockstar Pomegranate juiced is kind of yucky.

Knitting: Have to frog back about 3 inches on Bumpkins leggings. And have started to knit a scarf out of chenille for me. Thinking that that will get frogged as I don't like the way it is going. I really need to remember that I have to cast on w/a size bigger needle. So that being the case- I have to wait until next month for my yarn allowance to get bigger needles. Thinking size US 16 or will US 14 be better? Panic is starting to set in as there are 90 days until Christmas! Can I get everything done?

DH wants me to make a quilt for us now. He asked "can you make one about 10 times bigger?" When I replied that the doll quilt took me over 2 yrs. He came back w/"and about 100 times faster?" Gotta' love the man.

It has been getting colder here lately. Last week there was a trailer/mobile home fire in Nikiski- 2 people died. If you use a wood stove, Please clean it out prior to using it.

Am planning to put together care packages for Princess and DH said T can get one too. So Kazul e-mail me w/T's address. And Princess place your order! Otherwise you will get what you get (if I can keep Bumpkins out of the stuff!).

Thank you to Lynn for surfing because she found today's and tomorrow's posts.

Random Website: DH says he would never eat any cereal that was knitted and that was just wrong. Shreddies.


Andreanalaska said...

I want my cat! Still looking for an apartment that will allow me to get one. Really hard to find a nice place for under $600, still trying to sell the Pontiac, if I get $2000 for it, plus dividend I can pay off the car in about 9 mo for $150 mo car payments. ($6,000-$1,000-$1,600=$3,400) (Price-Down Payment-Dividend= How much I will still owe) Subtract $2,000 if I sell the Pontiac and I'm down to $1,400. So for the holidays I just need money to pay this thing off.

Fiber Chic said...

Very cute commercial-although I don't know if people can really knit that fast-or with their needles in such awkward positions.
Wouldn't it be cool if you could knit something, and then eat it?

Lynn said...

LOL Glad to help you out!! LOL What a cute doggy!!! and Bumpkins is adorable as always! I LOVE the quilt, you did a great job! LOL abt dh wanting you to make one for your own bed. REally now, this one broke you in, you could whip up another one for a king sized bed in NO TIME!!! ROTFL!!

Kazul said...

T cannot have care packages..
.unless they have stuff in them like toothbrushes and socks and stuff. This weekend they graduate from cadets to soldiers (a few more weeks and he will be home!!) and get the weekend off. So, I thought I'd call and ask if I could send cookies and have them arrive this weekend and then he could have a real care package. After several minutes of hold, the answer was 'Negative'. He can have photos and letters and phone cards and absolutely NO food items of any kind or newpapers or books or magazines. This is contraband. (I also have a friend in jail and he has the same rules!Go figure.)
We need a new quilt, too, Jake!!