Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

And now to show what my $20 yarn allowance:
Size US 6 dpn by Addi (I have size 6's in metal, but only 3 of them!)
And yes I did go over my monthly allotment by $6. I bought the Jiffy yarn, and some wool (at a thrift store) and some vintage US 3 steel long knitting needles. Wonder where I put those........

And because I am terrified of running out of fushia Lullaby yarn. I bought more! Now in stash is 5 balls of the stuff- that should be plenty to make a cardigan and accent pleats in a skirt.

Next month, the black lullaby will be bought!

And because Jo-Anne's didn't have the color that I wanted for Bumpkins leggings- I went to black. I have more black at home, so if these leggings require more than one skein, life will be good.

Knitting: Am knitting away on Bumpkin's leggings. The new ones in black.

I am busy working shut- down out at the pool. Between that and no internet when i want, life is difficult on the computer. Pictures are super slow to upload. Wonder if there is a lot of debris on the comp. and the poor laptop is in need of maintenance.

The booties were made w/this pattern: Knit booties (very quick).

Tuesday's strange stuff:
This stuff would be nice for a Christmas stocking, wonder if peanut butter is next.

Made chocolate zucchini cake tonight- yummy!!!! Bumpkins helped.

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Lynn said...

I'm not sure 100% vinyl is high on my list to knit with. However I bet it would make a great bag!!