Saturday, September 8, 2007

A is for..

Accomplishments: Will try to post finished pictures of The Tank Top! Yes it is done! Also made zucchini bread (with yellow squash and whole wheat flour) and there is another strange accomplishment.
Knitting: nothing new. I have been trying to finish up Bumpkin's doll quilt. I have the back almost all the way on- just have one long seam and then some tacking to do before the final step of tying.

I have worked some really long days. 7-3, then coming home to put Bumpkin's to nap. (at work, we haven't been able to take a real lunch. We eat w/one eye on the parking lot. We can't sit in our cars, knit or leave the pool interior.) And that makes for a very long day.

Today- very rainy. Bumpkin's and I went to Saturday Market (farmer's market) and the people were rude! Not the individuals running the stand, but the shoppers. Taking cuts and just ignoring other people. Bumpkin's and I got soaked!!! And then we went to the library- going to the library at 1:00 on Saturday is rush hour!!! I will go in around 10 am from now on- or just stick to Monday's. (wonder if knitting will be restarted- as that was fun.)

Have to post now as the internet connection is unstable-

Dinner: Stew and buttermilk biscuits
Weather: RAINY and temps in 50's. (there was a misty rain that got everything wet very fast!)

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Fiber Chic said...

I hope you enjoyed your zucchini bread! I'm sure the Tank Top looks awesome!