Wednesday, May 9, 2007

mid week catch up

Knitting- still working on the house elf slippers. Am starting the last square- but when I measured the other finished squares. I discovered that they weren't true squares, I missed about 3 rows. hope that it does work out.

Monday night went to a La Leche meeting. Very interesting- several people are still nursing their 2 yr. olds.

I am going to be trained to do some Supervisory duties. Mixed feelings on that one.
Bumpkin went to daycare yesterday- rough time adjusting back. She was up until after 11.
The leaves on the trees are starting to pop out- almost planting time. Well I had better go water plants.

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Kazul said...

Finally, I have been able to go online (at the library) and am updated at last. Check out T's tux jacket!!!