Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorable Saturday

Knitting: CO and frogged a tank top for Bumpkins. I had wrong chenille and wrong needles. The chenille that I have is thick and chunky not cotton (big difference). Will find something fun to knit tonight, probably something from my summer to do list. I have a new friend in cyber space, it was so cool to have someone read this.

What made today so wonderful? Well last night Bumpkins slept in her crib all night!!! She did wake up around 4, but did go back to sleep after rocking. When she woke up at 7, I brought her into our bed and around 9 she woke up wet. She must have been sleeping really hard. We then went out to Grouchy Old Woman's B&B to help Trish get ready for some guests. Bumpkins did great. We then went to visit mum before she left, helped clean up there as well. Then it was a scramble to find a sitter, found one and then DH and I went to the movie Pirates 3. It was a very good movie- can't wait for it to come out on DVD. Bumpkins didn't get to eat very well today- so it will be a long night for us. I will boost my calorie intake right now to make up for her loss. DH got a new guitar today (he sold some music equipment to buy this.) Oh well maybe it is a self sustaining hobby- unlike knitting or sewing.

Weather today was in the 60's and nice. I better go water plants and soak seeds then I go knit now.


Fiber_Chic said...

Yay Bumpkins for sleeping through the night!

HDW said...

OOOHH How old is bumpkins?? With 3 kidlings I know it was tricky with the last one. We have 4 bedrooms but one is my office and you have to walk through it to get to our room so Little B slept in our room for 3 months ad then the office until about 3 weeks ago and it was horrible becasue he was listening to us roll over and chat and watch TV...I figured the transition would be really hard but he sleeps SOOOOOO much better in his big brothers room in his big crib WOOHOOO!! P.S. Thank you for the comment on my blog!!!

KaKi said...

Yipppeeee!! Way to go Bumpkins!!!! Sleeping through the night is the best!!! I am going to see Carribean 3 tonight with my son. Glad to know it is good. Have a great day!