Friday, May 4, 2007

May is here and DH has temp. work

I am a bad blogger.
Knitting going well... have 1 1/2 squares left to do on the elf slippers. Then I can make them in my size. Still haven't gotten the colors for the hat and shawl. Thought that I could go stash busting at my mom's no such luck as of yet.

Weather has been so warm.. I went bike riding a couple of days ago. Very sore bum- may go again tomorrow. Also still need to plant seeds.
Did an awful lot of cleaning today. Tomorrow is a day for me- knitting, riding, sewing, planting/ pruning and swimming. Knitting at 10 until about 1130. Get home and go riding. After nap yard work- swimming at 6. Hmmm.... maybe we will go shopping at my mom's tomorrow after swimming.
I have been working a lot of hours at the pool, so tired. And Bumpkins wont' go down until almost 11. I need to turn her sleep cycle around, this week up at 8 for both of us. She goes to daycare next week- DH has temp work. A lot falls down to me again. Laundry, supper, grocery shopping and cleaning.
Tomorrow breakfast- eggs, sausage, sweet rolls, oranges and orange juice. gotta go find a good sweet roll recipe.

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