Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another week is gone

Knitting: these are the Dumbledore socks that I gave mum for Mother's Day. It took forever to finish one and then forever to post both of them. They are done on 5 dpn w/acrylic remnants. 7 different colors. The red is done in ribbing, followed by white spiral, blue denim is drop stitch, 2 eyelash rows, 1 light blue garter, denim variegated, finally gray. The toes are kichnered. The socks don't match (one is bigger then the other). Mum likes them and is wearing them as house socks. I have finished all the squares for the elf slippers (the squares aren't square either). I keep casting on and frogging leg warmers for Bumpkins- I decided to make leg warmers. She goes to daycare and at 9 it is still kind of chilly out, this way she can wear shorts/ dresses and as the day gets warmer take the legs off.

The swallows are back, my plants aren't potted or started. Setting out is next weekend. I am still working long hours at the pool. Last week I did 29.5 and this week already 12.5, and 15 more to go. I am having a lot of nightmares again- must be job related. When I wasn't working I didn't have as many nightmares now some nights I have 3. I didn't sleep good last night- no night mares that I can recall. Just saw a lot of numbers on the clock. 12, 1, 4 and 5 finally got up around 5:30.

Well off to sleep as I am falling asleep typing this.

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