Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blogged 2 days in a row!

Knitting: Nothing today. Did put Blue Prayer Scarf in van today- so now have some portable knitting. Surfed across this site today. Skeins her way is having a summer contest- could be a lot of fun.
So what are my summer knitting Goals?
  1. Finish Sarah Blanche Prayer Shawl - Peach 1/2 way done
  2. Finish Sarah Blanche Prayer Scarf- Blue 1/3 done
  3. Legwarmers/pants- not cast on (making pattern up as I go)
  4. shawl/ shrug/ wrap- for me not cast on (Have to find pattern again)
  5. Skirt - in Lullaby
  6. Tank top - in Lullaby to match skirt (must go yarn shopping!!)
  7. Some kind of tote bag using denim strips
  8. Finish elf slippers - just need seams
  9. And for stash busting yarn using my yellow and black for something not sure what. Just might combine 4 w/9. Gotta go shopping!!!
  10. DH's blue wool scarf for Christmas need pattern and wool. Yeah more surfing and shopping!!
Enough of the knitting, Fred pulled out a white not gray hair out of my head today. I refuse to go white yet. It was coarser and thicker then the rest of my hair, not to mention it really hurt. Kenai had graduation tonight- tomorrow is Nikiski. Today was the last day of school and rainy. DH and I were by ourselves tonight (besides bumpkins). Planted Black eyed susan vine seeds today while Bumpkins played in the puddles. Came inside after she sat down in the dirt/mud. Had pizza for dinner- bumpkins requested it. Actually it sounded more like Peaches, her point was made when she tried to pull the frozen pizzas out of the freezer. I would have preferred a better quality pizza (safeway frozen pizzas are gross.) Well gotta' go eat something and do laundry.

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