Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Sunday

Knitting: I made and frogged 2 swatches last night. Will re-do one to determine proper gauge. Sewed together and ripped out elf slippers, I am either not seeing how they go together our the pattern is just not explaining it right. Bumpkins is so cute, she will go and find her yarn and needles so she can knit too. It keeps her out of mine. I knit 4 rows on my Sarah Blanche shawl- I now know why I don't do afghans. I am bored w/this and want it done. Possibly after this set I will finish even though the original pattern calls for 8 sets not 3.

Great Athena keeps walking all over the keyboard and erasing what I have typed and moving the cursor.
This morning we went to church (don't remember what the sermon was about, but Bumpkins did very well). Potluck and we brought Mac and cheese, so did someone else though. Ours was better cause it was kraft. Bumpkins played outside tonight as I planted seeds. My sunflowers, some clarkia, and marigolds are done. Soaking are canary bird vine, nastis, morning glory, sweet pea. I should have some interesting pots this year. And I have 2 more containers than last year. I weeded out 1/2 a flower bed. Chives are a weed. Bumpkins chased the dog around trying to force the dog to eat and drink. Poor dog- she couldn't run away. We have tied her behind up for the summer- no more free running until it drops to 0. I am tired of her not coming when called, bringing home trash, rolling in fish guts, and harassing the people walking on the road. That is the dog. I call her Girl- because one of the teens named her Spaz. Hmmm.. I wonder how Missy would work. Mom got to Kazul's safely and I think w/luggage. Will wonders never cease.
Dinner tonight Bratwursts, corn on cob and baked beans. Dessert papaya enzymes. Well I am off to bed, have to start getting up early. More weaning in store for us all.

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