Friday, April 27, 2007

65 degrees in April

Yep the topic heading says it all. Yesterday was 65 degrees, today was 50 when I got to work at noon.

Knitting news- finished one square for elf slippers and am working on the second one. Knitting it continental very loose. Put prayer scarf back on needles- need someone to look at it to make sure it is ok. Am writing a pattern for leggings for bumpkins. Might need to make those in 3 as this might be a warm summer. I really don't like the way some of my fun fur smells.

I have been very busy at work again. Next week will be my last water aerobics, this week was my last set of lessons until June. Then I will be doing 4 sets of 4- lots of high calorie, low fat food needed. Today at work it was very slow- so we did some training. What is it w/me needing to be rescued? Ok so I was at the bottom of the deep end for longer than usual. Joey and Fred were ready to jump in to save me.

DH and I took Bumpkins out to the pool to go swimming. She loved it again went down the slide. Great fun. We went to Homer on Sat. great outing. Bumpkins didn't like the waves they were scary. But did enjoy picking up seashells. Odd thing, there was alot of coal washed up on the Spit. Climate is getting warmer. Fido dug up my flower bed- I wasn't very happy. Luckily I hadn't gotten around to planting seeds yet. Uh oh- mom's day is coming we have to get her present started. Bumpkins is going to plant Marigolds in an OJ container. Tomorrow night is Nikiski's High Prom. Princess is driving down and is going. I have to clean up that room tomorrow. And go to work tomorrow night. Maybe I will find the missing library book. It is probably w/my missing knitting mag.
I haven't blogged lately because DH keeps stealing this comp. and water got into the internet cable and shorted out.

Good night and off to Knitting the elf slipper.

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