Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday Sky....

Our Saturday Sky.....
kind of cloudy.

The inside of the new chicken tractor
specifics: 1 old rabbit hutch
removed legs and wire bottom.
very happy birds.

a portion of the garden.
(wondering how many rhubarb plants is enough,
i have around 12 and still have to seperate one).

More rabbits from the thrift store......
now to hope that at least two are female and one is male.
(Lily is the one in the middle).

recommended summer reading:
Watership Down
Hit by a Farm, very interesting read about supporting your partners ideas.

have an awesome Memorial Day weekend.


Lynn said...

And does Bumpkins know this is more dinner she's playing with?? LOL

The bunnies are cute and so are the chickens. How long before you can eat their eggs or them?

Kazul said...

Nope, you must read Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson to my niece. There is a sequel, too. I just found it in a thrift store..we get clothes and books at our store! Funny word! Teddi. (note, we got our Teddy off the streets!)

Kazul said...

Note: Steve wondered about the second hand bunnies..Jon kind of wondered about slightly used bunny slippers...Your bunnies provide entertainment for all of us! Did you see my snake? He did NOT come from a thrift store! LOLOL.

Odd, my word is leedin!