Friday, May 8, 2009


Bupkins wonders what
kind of chickens these are
and if they are all roosters.....

Guess the kind of chicken
Guess the sex of the chicken
Person with the most correct guesses wins.
Contest Ends
July 1 2009
(by then we should know
what they are....
so later guesses may be better)
please email me your guesses with a
correct email address.

Have fun!
Prizes will not be chickens.......
(but may be farm related though)

Little brown chick.....
rooster or hen?

Plymouth Rock #1
Rooster or hen?

Plymouth Rock #2
rooster or hen?
Plymouth Rock #3
rooster or Hen?

Plymouth Rock #4
Rooster or Hen?

Bumpkin's fave....
Rooster or Hen?

White Turkey
Tom or Hen?

The baby chicks.
sleeping for the night....
a bigger home

a large HDTV box (free give away)
knife, duct tape
removable dog crate divider
multiple pieces of cardboard
(to prevent fly aways as i cut the opening in the side of the box to big)
cheap auto lamp

remove contents from box.
tape up ends and handle holes
cut a large rectangle in side.
lay down newspaper and straw.
and a new home is ready.


Kazul said...

Jake, the people you got them from said they were all males. Every one of them. And did you get the others ones you wanted yet?

Jane said...

I don't know a thing about chickens! But I guess I could guess whether they were roosters or hens (in spite of what Kazul said above!).

Lynn said...

My guess is all males as well. However my one question is does Bumpkins know she's holding dinner?