Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Contest and Saturday night sky

Saturday sky
(8:30 pm and yes it really was that blue)

New Contest:
(as Jane was the only one interested
in the chickies contest).

Here is the new one:
Please leave a comment or email me,
with a name for my garden.
I will then attempt to put suggestions in
the sidebar for voting.
deadline for entries is
May 16.
with deadline for voting
May 22.

(kind of need a name for this website)
One Million Gardens
and another site (no name required this time)
Gardener's Supply
where you pledge to grow 10 lbs of food this year.

Nana's Mother day present....
milk jugs cut in half,
morning glories,
and topped w/soda bottles as mini greenhouses.

Finished raking garden today,
let the chickies play out there.
(so cute)
still have to rototiller it/ prep it for planting.
buds on tomato plants soon will have tomatoes.

eta: told Bumpkins that we would probably be eating the nice chickie Celia (yes she named another animal). She was very sad.


Lynn said...

How abt Enchanted Acres? You just need to be sure to plant some flowers in there to give the enchanted look. Can you grow roses?

and if I had to kill my own food, I'd probably become a vegetarian. I can't meet my food before I eat it.

Kazul said...

Sunflour Dreams...Thoughtful Spot...More Later (good name for an Alaskan garden!)...I can come up with more prolly, but in my perusal, I found a quote: "Despite the gardeners best intentions, Nature will improvise." Garafalo.
And then my word: messa!