Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Sky....

Here is our Saturday Sky.
Nice and sunny
71 F.
(summer? this morn was 39 F)

Bumpkins swinging on her swingset.
(it dried up FAST!
the ground is still "squishy" though)

The chickies are getting big.

The turkey is the biggest.

Athena is doing very well leaving these guys alone.
Hugo wants to eat them.
(he went on Point today,
while watching a Robin).

I have a really long weekend this week.
which i need to recharge.

been playing with Bumpkins outside.
DH's car is still down, so we have
been tag teaming using my car.

Accidentally unplugged the deep freeze so
many things thawed.
tonight must cook 7 bone roast.

The new term for the Harry Potter House Cup has started.
Now to come up with items to go after points.
Looking to see if the bubbly pi shawl will be allowed.

Swimming lessons are over until June.
well that's all......


Lynn said...

71?!?! WOW that is a MAJOR heat wave!!!

Will the poultry be pets or dinner?

and what's up with the vulcano?

Kazul said...

spring, spring, come see my page again..hope your finger is better sis.