Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday update

Lowbush Moose Project
somewhat weekly shot.
the big white bird is the turkey
and all the others are sleeping under the rabbits.
very hygienic.
(bumpkins did think ewww... when
one of the bunnies peed on a chicken).

well i had a week off of work
and i played at home.
obviously i didn't blog or read blogs.
didn't finish my garden either.

Tuesday we decided it was a nice enough day
so lets go to the beach.
it was cold and windy.
Hugo didn't like the water to much.
(until we started throwing things in it for him).
and then these guys decided to get a close up of Hugo.
Stellar Sea Lions.
(we leashed up Hugo quickly
and didn't let him go play with these guys).

Wednesday it was nice 70+ F
DH had a gig at a Wednesday market
Bumpkins and I tagged along.
got slightly burned- color of almost magenta.

Princess came home on Thursday.
We had a nice visit.
Q brought over her rabbit Stormy
for us to bunnysit until August.

Saturday Not Lily was traded for
Cinnabun (2 year old doe)
ummm i hypnotized her for this photo.

Sunday was another Sunny day
so DM, Hugo, Bumpkins and I
decided a round of croquette was in order.
(playing croquette with a dog that fetches balls i
Finished knitting this up using recycled yarn
from a tshirt.
potholder anyone?

1 comment:

Lynn said...

I guess when you aren't used to wearing light clothing it's easy to get burned. Hope if feels better by now.

The animals are getting so big!!!