Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden Name Contest

Garden Name Contest

Entries are:

Enchanted Acres
by Lynn

Sunflour Dreams
by Kazul

Chastity Garden

No Hope without Dope
some guy at the pool

Alaska Lowbush Moose Project
Carol Ernst and Amber

We are gearing up for planting,
filling bottles to keep the
zucchinis warm in the greenhouse.

Hugo is helping Bumpkins
fill the bottles by tasting the water.

What do you mean i can't eat this......
Celia and Hugo on Mother's Day.

knitting: nothing i am so behind! must finish stuff for the house cup this month.

Gardening: dug 2 rows by hand and DH got me some very large barrels for my taters. In the meantime, a lady at church told me about someone who grew sweet taters in hanging baskets. Now i gotta try that one.

we moved into the church today, it is nice.

Very hot dry weather. 61 F with 15% humidity.

update on the chickens. there are at least 5 roosters and one hen (Celia). Also appears Thankful is a Tom turkey.

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Lynn said...

Ok I'm laughing at you the way you must laugh at me with my *cold* temps.