Monday, May 18, 2009

Thrift store find.....

This is what came home from the thrift store....

a baby bunny.
it's name is
either Betty or Lily.
can't decide yet and she is breeding stock.

(hope she makes it through the night,
even though daytime temps are high 60's
night time is still running 30's).
and she is maybe 4 weeks old,
a wild caught bunny.

Athena thinks that this critter
is better than the chickens.

Athena checks out what Bumpkins has....

Was another beautiful day,
so i put the chickens outside in
an enclosure.
upon arriving back home discovered that
they all escaped from it.
Thankfully no eagles ate them while they
were free.
(and they are sleeping very good tonight to).

Bought seed taters to go in the big barrels that DH
got yesterday.
2 reds for new potatoes
4 of a yellow variety.
also bought pea seeds
and let Bumpkins pick out the bean seeds.
Yep you guessed it....
we are going to attempt
to grow purple beans.

well it is late and i best be getting to bed.
night all.

random website: How to chit potatoes. makes perfect sense to me. but i think i will be planting small whole potatoes.


Kazul said...

breeding stock? that means you will get one more bunny..perhaps your garden should be called Fodder for All.

Jane said...

You got the bunny at the thrift shop? How cute!