Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday tidings

Today I received from a lady in Ravelry this awesome box for a Birthday swap. 2 skeins of cascade 220, some other wonderfully soft yarn and Malabrigo! Oh the stuff is as soft as everyone says.
She also sent a soft bear w/candy canes, a calender, note cards and a calender to go on the fridge.

And here is Bumpkins all dressed up
for Halloween.
What an Angel.

The above picture was taken the Saturday before Halloween. For the actual holiday she was under quarantine for Hand, Foot and mouth. It was a long week.

Knitting: nothing finished but have cast on for another House cup project. This one is a washcloth w/my zodiac emblem on it. (not the scorpio creature but the M thingie).

Crocheting: finished the Fashion First Aid bag. Size is HUGE!

Quilting: nothing much going on.

Sewing: whipped up some items for the Birthday swap.

Bumpkins has had an off week w/sleeping. She is staying up until almost midnight, so I haven't been able to blog or do much of anything. Also I worked a lot of hours last week- 3 nine hour days. No new snow- but temps in the mid 20's. did discover that a few times that DH plugged my car in, I didn't notice so I backed out of the carport still plugged in. It is very hard on the cords and plug ins to be yanked apart w/force. Luckily for me that I do back out. This one lady told me about the time she drove 20 miles with her cord trailing after her. (that cord didn't survive).

Well that's all folks.

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Lynn said...

Ok you have an electric car?!?! How cool is that!!!! How is bumpkins doing now? Do you guys do DST? Maybe she's messed up because of that. and I love her angel outfit. did you make it?