Monday, November 10, 2008

Random Website Monday

And here is my Fashion First Aid bag.
large enough for the laptop.
used 3 skeins of red red-heart yarn.
(none of them are of the same dye lot).
anybody takers for it for Christmas?

Knitting: been working on 2 projects still. Hope to have them both near completion by tomorrow press time. Having a blast w/the Transfiguration project.... me thinks Princess won't be to thrilled with it though.

nothing else is happening. Did spend 45 minutes cleaning out the mini van- got 2 bags of trash, a huge load of my laundry (3 swimming towels and 3 work uniforms). there is still more in there but at least now I am not afraid of stuff falling out when the doors open. Also put up the bike trailer - finally the temps were balmy 30 F.

Very odd weather day- this morning when walking Hugo. It felt warm, until a gust of wind sent ice and dust impaling into the back of my legs. Yes I was wearing shorts, jacket, hat and sorrels. You could literally hear the wind howling, Hugo had a difficult time doing his business. We then went inside and hunkered down. By 10 am the sky was clear and the wind had died way down. Very nice day outside.

Random website: Now lets see.... for an interesting cultural experience go to Living the Travel Channel. Tell her Kazul's sis sent you.

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