Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

Athena does "Patty Cake"
(and she didn't like it either!)

Knitting: trying to finish a hat for DH it is 88 cast on and in the round with US 8 DPN's and K2 P2 ribbing. Hoping that it fits him! seems to be on the small side. Well if it doesn't than a youth in Russia might have a hat (it is Paton's wool).

been crazy around here. I knew that I was going to have a chopped up weekend, but was called in to work on Sat. yeah am loving 3.5 hrs of overtime! Did nothing on Sunday, then Monday Bumpkins wasn't feeling well. So stayed home until 4 then scrambled to do errands before heading out to work and DM's. Went grocery shopping but was careful about what to buy (the outside temps were 6 F and didn't want eggs, produce to freeze). Had training then home again. Made sure Bumpkins ate well, as she finally was going in for her dental work.

Bumpkins is fine! the tooth didn't have to be removed, only put a crown back on. Poor tyke- she had a thing across her nose, headphones on, sunglasses on, bp cuff on, finger monitor and then the Dr started drilling and squirting. Bumpkins cried almost the whole 1/2 hour LOUDLY! I had to sit in the corner of the room. Got a few rows done on the scarf for my secret sister. Got Bumpkins home around 9:30 am and she slept until after 1 pm. Then ate, she again went down for a nap around 7:30 until almost 9 pm. made for bedtime being late!

And there you have it. Hope everyone else is doing great.

and because I came across this thing.... thought I would share it everyone else. And yes I want 2 or 3 of them.
Chicken Tractors:


Mrs. M said...

Ooo! I am so sorry about Bumpkins! I feel her pain!! Glad she is better. Okay about the chicken tractor, wouldn't they freeze up there???? Or would you put heating pads in there too???? (I still remember the heating pads under the cat's litter box!!)KaKi

Kazul said...

I saw chicken tractors in an article from This Old looks so easy and very helpful. They might freeze here, too, though. The ones I saw were in Seattle area. There was also an article on composting fences. It is a dry compost method, but as I said, it was in Seattle..which is only dry a few months of the year!