Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

Transfiguration homework:
Make something that would be found in
a wizarding household.
Must be steeked and freeform.

this is a mohair vest that I picked up at
Bishops Attic
(thrift store)

Decided to steek it.......
once down the middle
and then across the shoulders.
Felted it...
bother regular and
(Japenese felting by placing waterproof items
in fabric, securing with rubber bands and
tossing in washing machine)
In this case it was glass hearts held in place w/bitty hair rubber bands.
that is what makes the bubbles.

and finally restitching together to form...
a kitty sweater!

In this view you see my machine embroidery
and crochet edging.
there are also 4 buttons sewed on to
hold the straps in place.

here is a close up of the Shiboli.

And that is what the best dressed cats
wear while attending Hogwart's.

Knitting: and now to start the final project for this month's House Cup. A pair of socks- think that I will get them done before this week is over? What with working, cooking, eating and shopping?

someone that frequents the pool might have some toys to pass on to Bumpkins. That'll be nice!

The weather outside is atrocious! Very windy and snowy. In places the snow has drifted over the road to where you can't tell that you are driving over the yellow line until you are on top of it and mostly in the oncoming traffic's lane.

and because what I made wasn't strange enough how about this one? Wonder if it comes in minivan size.

Last night made an awesome sweet potato pie- but a bit to much nutmeg. One of my coworker's loved it! He locked himself in the kitchenette and wouldn't let anyone else near him. Made me feel extremely good!


Kazul said...

Jake that is extremly cute!!!! I don't think a cat of ours would wear it, but it is adorable!

the boogeyman's wife said...

what a cool way to make a cat sweater! i never heard of that japanese felting method before, the results are cool.

Lynn said...

I canNOT believe that the cat will actually wear it!! Athena must be truly cold to tolerate it.