Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

Saturday evening sky...
not sure why my late evening shots are always blue.

the road in front of my house
sunset 4:40 pm

and blogger lost my next picture!

Knitting: finally finished DH's mushroom hat. It was supposed to have been a fast knit, but didn't have much time to knit this last week. Was surprised that it fit him.
Cast on November 14 using the Norwegian Cast on (which I really like! best tutorial is over in Youtube).
US 8 DPN's and Paton's Merino Wool.
Did 88 stitches and forgot the stockingnette row between the color change.

finished November 22 2008

this is for my House cup Herbology homework- make something in plant pattern. Now to finish find the item I am making for Transfiguration.

Been busy this last week, work and attempting to clean the house ie.. wash laundry mountain.

Supposed to snow tomorrow but today was chilly 7 F.

ETA: a chicken tractor will only be used during the summer. Raise the poor critters for fall butchering, will way to difficult to attempt to overwinter chickens.

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