Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

And this is really strange....
any guesses?

it is a homemade swift that DH
manufactured for me to go w/my
new ball winder.

Knitting: finished the Hannah hat. hoping that it is acceptable for charms. This month's challenge was to knit/crochet something that opened and closed. So for those of you in Ravelry it is a free pattern.
Cast on Sunday November 9 2008. Used US 10 and Jiffy Mohair color Denver.
Finished Tuesday November 11 2008.
Fast knit. Unbutton buttons put over head and ponytail. Secure buttons under the pony tail. No more mussed up hair from your hat.

And who wants this one?

Still working on the Transfiguration item. not going to get done tonight.

Well I am back to work tomorrow, had an excellent mini vacation. Didn't get the bathroom re-wallpapered, or get the house cleaned up. Or even finish up this quilt. But did build another snowman today with Bumpkins (no picture as Bumpkins decided to give the poor thing a hug which resulted in the nose falling off. After not listening to me about leaving it alone, she succeeded in knocking the whole head off. After rebuilding the head, Hugo decided to knock it over.)

Bumpkins and I also made Monkey bread again. If you get the chance to try the new caramel apple pie filling do give a go. It is delish! We had it on cancakes (pancakes) and also in the monkey bread.

Have a good week folks, it is good to be back!


Fiber Chic said...

I love how the pooling turned out in your hat!
And no, we haven't gotten any snow just yet, the extreme snow missed us...thanks for asking!

Lynn said...

very nice hat!!!