Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I didn't realize that I haven't posted anything for a few days. I have been busy.
Friday after work, Bumpkins and I stayed home vacuumed, and just hung out. It was nice. Saturday I did go to my knitting group. That was fun- Lou showed me how to join in a round again. Then Saturday night DH and I went out to celebrate our anniversary. We saw Beauty and the Beast production. It was very nicely done. Had no clue where Nana was until the second act. DH found her immediately, I never can find her. Bumpkins went to a friends house. She had fun. Stayed home on Sunday, didn't go to church. I frogged the sock I was making and restarted w/other colors.
Monday did errands early as Bumpkins got up at 6 and stayed up. She took her nap around 3. Long day for her. I went to the dentist as I had a tooth that was extremely painful. After a full panel of x-rays it is determined that I have a sinus infection. My sinuses sit on top of the roots of my teeth. My face is way to small for everything that goes in it. Did some knitting there at the dentists. I really like knitting in the round it is so much fun.
That brings us to today. A long day. Bumpkins is sick- she is teething so lots of saliva, mucus and it is running down her throat. So now she is congested and coughing to the point of throwing up. She has to go to daycare as I have to work and DH quits this Friday. I spent two very long and cold hours in the pool teaching lessons. Tomorrow I must bring more food. I am trying to make all calories count. So not alot I can eat there. High protein and low carb. But I still need the carbs for fuel. As I was so cold- It took me almost two hrs. to warm up my core temp. soup- filling hot and low carb. and a sandwich to go w/it.

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Andreanalaska said...

Bummer, I missed Nana's show :( Yeah I'll be home for Easter. But I cant leave Anch till after 12 30 on Friday and have to be back by 6 on Sunday. so I tried that little quiz

blogger is so lame, wont let me post html coding, ne ways, i was put in slytherin- clever cunning and determined. dont feel bad though, tom was huffle puff 2.

Luv ya, ttyl