Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nice day off

I have been knitting like crazy this week. Am almost done with North Country Hat.
I am hung up on the last little bit of bo 6 st. then knit 12 place on st. holder than bo 20. How do you bo when your bo st. is on a holder? Oh well tomorrow is knitting at the library can bring that and the sock in. Princess said that the sock was hideous. Oh well it isn't for her. Bought Bumpkins needles and yarn today, we will see if she knits. Even if it keeps her out of my knitting it isn't a waste. Bought her a shirt pattern and blanket makings too. Think tomorrow is a sewing day. I forgot cording to fix my skirt. I think I will make a Joanne's list of things that I really need. That way next month I will be better prepared.

Today we went to open gym had a great time. Went shopping Bumpkin's had a meltdown- tried to get her out of the store. Nana was upset w/her for acting 2. That woman stresses me out- sometimes. Nana watched Bumpkins while DH and I went out. Had prime rib at Louie's- very good. Went to Veronica's to listen to music but Princess's dad was there so we left. Went to Kaladi Bros. instead- wish I had taken my knitting w/me. When I mentioned that to Nana, she became very upset and informed me that you don't take your knitting to places like that as it is inconsiderate. My thoughts are I am reading the newspaper and drinking tea, what is the difference between knitting and drinking tea? Knitting I am paying more attention. So now I need another portable project.;

Another nice sunny melting day. Tomorrow I need to clean out the cat box, wash laundry and bring in my soil to thaw. Almost seed planting time. Yeah

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