Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bumpkins is better

Knitting news first: I am on the foot of the Dobby socks. I had to put them on hold for a few days as I didn't like the join and then lost a needle. I found the needle in the chair and I knit like crazy at bible study tonight. And yes I did pay attention- the topic was bitterness and unforgiveness Ephesians.

Bumpkins has been so sick- she had ear infections in both ears. She was coughing so hard that she would throw up the meds. We quarantined her at home for almost a week. That was hard juggling my work schedule and DH's, we basically wrote our own hours. She has been so clingy to me. Most of the small children that are Bumpkins daycare have RSV. I guess that it is running rampant throughout our state. So maybe it is a good thing that Bumpkins stays home w/DH every day now.

DH told Thing One that he could have a bed from our house. Not sure if that is a good precedent to set. On the other hand I told Princess that I would pay for her gas to come down here for Spring break next week. The up side of me paying her way is she has to stay with me and visit with me.

Well off to bed after I feed the cat.
Temps are cold. I am sick and tired of the bloody cold. minus temps w/wind chill and clear. Where is the warmth? The sun lacks heat.

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