Friday, March 9, 2007

End of traumatic week

The week is over.
Knitting: where am I? As for both of the prayer shawls- tabled. The socks for Hufflepuff- frogged yarn will become a hat. So I started a house elf sock- only problem is the ribbing fits around Bumpkins thigh. So onto an experimental pair of leg warmers. (dress up clothes if anything.)

Bumpkins has been so sick this last week. Took her in on Wednesday- and was told that she has ear infections in both ears. On top of a horrible cold- she coughs so hard that she throws up. She hasn't been able to keep her meds down- tonight she did. While trying to keep up w/her medications I am forgetting to take my own. I have a sinus infection- doesn't help that I have to continue to swim.
My work week has been so messed up. Now I have to make up lessons on a Monday of Spring break. That is going to bad. DH's last day of work was today, I am kind of stressing about money as my check is the only one coming in. Thing Two is suspended for 10 days- he won't be gong back for 3 weeks. What a vacation. To bad we aren't on the continent- road trip. Here a road trip is out of the question. It takes two days just to get out of the state and we don't have passports for everyone. More repercussions of 9/11.

Recipe: ButterBeer- butterscotch schnapps w/cream soda, very sweet, but smooth and yummy.

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Kazul said...

We have been busy, too. T's choir teacher updated their site. T is on it. tillamookchoir blogspot is the name of it. Or Mrs. Henderson'sChoir Page. The kid in front of T is the Tin Man, the Scarecrow is not in choir.The Wicked Witch is the second girl in the row with the Tin Man (she is tiny and has dark hair) Glinda is next to her with the blonde hair and wearing a black jacket. I will put in an update this week on my site, but just wanted to let you know what we are up to. (Daylight Savings time is confusing!!) Hope you all get better.