Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring is Here!!! Crows are nesting

Finally the weather seems to have broke. Yesterday and today blizzardy, but so much better than the -15 we have been waking up to for the last few weeks. And the crows are building nests.

Knitting: I am stuck on the heel for the sock. I have finished the heel flap and now to turn the thing. Will wait for Saturday for that. In the meantime I have cast on a hat (can't access the link right now.) using 10.5 needles and chunky wool/acrylic. I am so hoping that Bumpkins doesn't get another hat. I got this yarn for me.

Family updates: spring break here. Princess came home Friday and went back Sat. Then drove herself down on Monday and went back Tuesday night. (Blizzard warnings and stay off the road warnings.) We had a nice visit- it is always good to have her home. Bumpkins went nuts- Sissy, Sissy, Sissy. Monday night Thing One came over to visit w/sisters also. He stayed for dinner. DH went to band- missed out on the family being together. Later I went to Safeway- car overheated and we were stranded. Of course I had both girls w/me at 8:30 at night. DH didn't have his cell on him so I had to track him down. Tuesday more band practice. My work schedule this week is all over the place. Monday 9-12 then back out to the pool from 3-5. Then home for the night. Tuesday work 7-1, then formal dress shopping w/Princess (you should see the dress, can you say Lady in Red?) Wednesday and Thursday work 7-4, I really don't like those long hours. Spring break at the pool is insane. Yesterday we went to 2 guards at 1045 and stayed that way, we only had 2 guards in the bldg. There where 400 people in the water on Tuesday. That is alot of people. Today wasn't' that bad- 3 guards and I got to dispatch for a little bit. That was relaxing.
Well off to bed 530 is awfully early.

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Kazul said...

Why does Princess need a red formal?