Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday update

Well as most of you know...
we had a magnitude 5.7
earthquake last Sunday.

And now we hurry up and
wait for Mt. Redoubt
to erupt.
Lots of seismic activity
but no eruptions.
(the link is a live web cam)

we are moderately prepared.
Water: in 2 empty kitty litter containers (will work to flush toilets)
Water: in 2 empty laundry detergent tubs (washing dishes)
Water: in 3 empty 2 liter soda bottles (drinking)
Water: 2 large pots in oven, teapot is full, coffee pot is full, and
a hot thermos is full of water also. Pet bowls are filled too.
Bandanas/ dust masks: check (somewhere)
Portable radio: check must find batteries
plastic bags to cover computers
rags to fill cracks in doors
dog booties: must make so Hugo doesn't bring in lots of ash.
we have lots of top ramen and chicken.
matches for stove
must also get a cartridge for a coleman lantern.
also need to get 3 air filters for cars

and need to review the Emily Ocher circular cast on
so I can attempt to knit a pi shawl during this time.

Kazul asked what a meme was.
Here is a definition.
Internet meme:

At its most basic, an Internet meme is simply the propagation of a digital file or hyperlink from one person to others using methods available through the Internet (for example, email, blogs, social networking sites, instant messaging, et cetera). The content often consists of a saying or joke, a rumor, an altered or original image, a complete website, a video clip or animation, or an offbeat news story, among many other possibilities. An Internet meme may stay the same or may evolve over time, by chance or through commentary, imitations, and parody versions, or even by collecting news accounts about itself. Internet memes have a tendency to evolve and spread extremely quickly, sometimes going in and out of popularity in a matter of days. They are spread organically, voluntarily, and peer to peer, rather than by compulsion, predetermined path, or completely automated means.*

The term may refer to the content that spreads from user to user, the idea behind the content, or the phenomenon of its spread. Internet memes have been seen as a form of art. There exist websites that collect and popularize Internet memes as well as sites devoted to the spread of specific Internet memes. The term is generally not applied to content or web services that are seen as legitimate, useful, and non-faddish, or that spread through organized publishing and distribution channels. Thus, serious news stories, videogames, web services, songs by established musical groups, or the like are usually not called Internet memes.*

*copied from wikipedia


Lynn said...

I didn't think you were that close to both the earthquake and the volcano to be affected by them. Did you feel the earthquake? How bad will it get if/when it erupts??

Jane said...

OMG and we are complaining about a little snow! Stay safe!

Kazul said...

Keeping an eye out..And it still makes me laugh to think that we were so 'unready' as kids for such awesome displays of natural power. And we survived!!!!! No lung cancer either!

Kazul said...

by the by, how can a meme be spread organically????????