Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Quotes

"One of the advantages of being disorderly
is that one is constantly making
exciting discoveries".
-A.A. Milne

Not sure if that would have gone
over very well w/my Dad
on the millionth time of
being told to go clean up my room.

Did take pictures today of
a craft in progress...
but will post them tomorrow
with the finished result.
Bumpkins and I are making beads
out of paper mache'
works ok especially if you
remember to add the flour paste to
the paper mulch.

Very slippery out,
DH and I drove past one section of
highway and then 1 hr later
we drove back by it.
there was an Explorer on its side,
It had flipped. The passengers were
walking around.
And tonight the stars are out
and there is a slick sheen on top of the
trash bins.

Dinner: cheeseburgers w/fried onions and mushrooms. DH put chili on his also. Very filling. Non diet food. Also introduced my family to Little Debbie cookies (they are cheaper than the bakery cookies). The filled oatmeal's are really good.

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Lynn said...

With as much as your body has to burn calories to stay warm, that is a good dinner. Onions and mushrooms are veggies. You got the protein in the burger and the calcium in the cheese. Sounds healthy to me!